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I T   C o n s u l t a n c y   &   B u s i n e s s   S o l u t i o n s
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Auscool recently purchased servers from CMI to enable better usage or our I.T. infrastructure and to provide and maintain a better backup facility for all data.

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Our computer systems are critical to our business success. CMI's Managed Service offering has significantly reduced the stress and wasted hours that inevitably occur when computers crash or play up.

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Managed Services

Why Managed I.T. Services?  

If your I.T. systems are critical to your business success then CMI have a Managed Service Plan to suit your needs. Many businesses waste too much time and money dealing with problems that could be resolved quickly and effeciently by CMI. Allowing CMI  to deal with your I.T. infrastructure will enable you to focus on your business and fully utilise staff that are otherwise tied up with "computer issues". The hidden cost to your business of long downtimes, slowdowns, catch up time and missed opportunities can be significant.

Every business has different requirements so CMI offers a Managed Service Plan backed by  a Service Level Agreement ( SLA ). You can effectively outsource your  entire I.T department. Fixed pricing, guaranteed response times and even a money back guarantee mean that CMI is committed to providing you with outstanding service and support

How it works.

CMI provide remote and onsite support for servers, P/C's and network devices.  We identify, diagnose, and resolve issues before they degrade your business service. Typically maintenance programs rely on the customer having a problem then waiting for their I.T. company to respond. CMI's Managed Services utilises leading edge technology to proactively monitor your network on a day to day basis which enables us to find problems before they occur.

CMI automatically receives alerts on critical predetermined issues enabling us to resolve a problem before your users experience issues. We constantly monitor your systems  so we also know if the problem is a hardware issue and can dispatch a technician onsite if required.

There is NO CHARGE for call out fees or labour if the issue is covered under the Managed Service Plan. CMI also includes regular onsite  "health checks" to help optimise your computer systems, check back ups ect. . We also produce detailed reports of the work completed and we conduct regular consultancy visits with our customers.

CMI Managed Service provides coverage for the following key areas:

  • Faults - continually monitors your network, system, and application environment, providing alerts based on pre-defined threshold limits that enable rapid identification of problems. All critical alerts result in immediate notification through paging and/or e-mail.
  • Assets - track IT assets by IP address, node name, and software image for capacity planning, maintenance, and accounting purposes.
  • Performance – monitors networks, systems, and applications, providing hourly, daily, and weekly performance reports on key IT metrics, such as CPU, memory, disk, and circuits. This enables rapid identification of potential problems, i.e., over-subscription before they impact network service.
  • Security - delivers detailed security scans, enabling rapid identification of potential security vulnerabilities that could affect critical business operations. Intrusion monitoring gives you the ability to document “who is doing what to whom” within host resources and effectively provide audit trails on the use of the “admin” password as well as access and privileges within a Windows computing environment.


Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations. We want to develop a long-term relationship with our customers in which we can serve as an advisor and partner in your business.


Contact us on 1300 557 697 for more details.

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